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Are you thinking of selling?

We arrange international auctions in Oslo
twice a year, each time with a total turnover of
US$ 800,000 to US$ 1,5 mill. We invite you to consign! Take advantage of the fine opportunity to sell in one of the best markets for stamps in the world. There is no government tax on stamp sales in Norway. 
Drop us a mail or give us a phone call
on +47 22 44 19 14.

frimerkeauksjonskatalog 95
Our auction # 95 in Oslo
took place on April 26/27. 2019.
97% of all lots were sold, making up a
turnover of NOK 9.2 millions.

Our International auctions are considered substantial in terms of  buying and selling Norwegian philately. A range of important collections and rare single items - not at least from countries abroad -  are sold trough our system since 1975.

We are proud of the lists of prices realised
from these sales.

Skillingsbrev til Peru.
3,5. 89 skilling postage to Peru. 10 copies of 8 skilling Oscar together with 3 copies of 3 skilling Oscar on envelope to Callao cancelled "Christiania 21.4.1860". Transit postmarks "Hamburg", "London" and "Panama".
Starting at NOK 100,000.  Realised NOK 385,000.

england nr 1 fdc
Lot # 2095/ Oct. 2022:
2. One Penne Black (plate I A, letter HK) on cover from
London to Carlisle, cancelled with red MC. Manuscript
dated "6 May 1840" and postmark "EX 6 My 1840" at reverse.
The stamps with margins at all sides. Ex Robson Lowe auction 27th of My 1980, lot 53.
Starting at NOK 50,000,-. Realised NOK 250,000.

frimerkesamling engelske kolonier
Lot # 2163/ Oct. 2022:
British Commonwealth. A comprehensive collection to
1935 in album.
Starting at NOK 100,000. Realised NOK 330,000.

samling engelske frimerker
A fine collection Great Britain to 1970 in two volumes.
Starting at NOK 35,000. Realised NOK 135,000.

We have many vendors as well as regular buyers "all over the world", and many take the trip to Norway and Oslo to participate in our auctions.
If you have a valuable collection or some scarce single items, we suggest you should present them to our international buyers. Some of the most eager auction bidders are Norwegians, and Norway is considered one of the strongest markets for stamps worldwide.

Please do not submit items unless you are confident that they are suitable. Contact us first if you are in doubt of their appropriateness. We adhere strictly to rules of fair play. Therefore, we do not accept unreasonable limits or restrictions from sellers (few, if any, lots at our auctions have any special limits).

Whether or not it is favorable to split up a collection, lot or accumulation, is always
a decisive question. Our experience is, that in most cases, retaining the original lot as collected is the most profitable solution for all parties. The most powerful buyers are more eager using time on a large collection in its original order than paying attention to various single items spread around in the catalogue.

Get in touch with us today. We want to limit the number of lots at the auction and we must have sufficient time to compose accurate and enticing descriptions. All key items are presented in full colour. We provide free evaluation and we can give you an advance against the selling price.

Give us a call: +47 22 44 19 14 or an E-mail today!

Coins and banknotes play an important role in our auctions. A range of fine US 20$ 1892-1926 was offered, lot 1375-1399 on auction #84. Realised NOK 6,500 to 7,800 each.

skillingsbrev NK nr 1

Norway # 1 in a strip of 6 on cover to Germany in 1856. The right hand copy being the variety "Double foot".
Starting at NOK 100,000, realised NOK 175,000.

brev tyskland til norge 1853
B 3,4. Preussen. 10 Sgr postage to Norway. Two 2 Sgr and a vertical pair 3 Sgr on complete letter, dated "Düsseldorf 25.
August 1853" to Christiania, cancelled "317".
On reverse "Deutz Minden 25 8 III", "Minden Berlin 26 8"
and two different "Hamburg" cds. All the stamps with some margins.
Starting at NOK 10,000. Realised NOK 155,000,-.

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Some highlights from previous sales:

Over the years a range of extensive collections have been offered through our auctions. Some examples are shown below.

Auction # 93,
Item 2142/93:
Starting at NOK100,000.
Realised NOK 270,000.
This is the most expensive single stamp ever sold in Norway.

From a collection Cape of Good Hope triangulars to 1861. Auction # 84, lot 2246.
Starting at NOK 150,000.
Realised NOK 220,000.

one penny black   engelsk frimerke engelsk frimerke 5 pund
3 items from a collection Great Britain, lot # 2144 / auction 71. Starting at NOK 100,000. Realised NOK 175,000.

frimerker fra Bermuda
Item from a collection Bermuda. Lot # 2148, auction 57. Starting at NOK 300,000.
Realised NOK 405,000.

frimerkesamling finland
5 items from a collection Finland i 4 volumes. Lot # 2083 / auction 59.
Starting at NOK 250,000. Realised NOK 315,000.

50 dollar gull 1851

An incredible Norwegian collection U.S. coins was entrusted us to be sold at an auction in the U.S. The collection realised $ 3.6 mill + 15%. 
See some examples here!

frimerkesamling spania
 o/*/**/(*) Spain. A lot of
stamps in a very large stockbook.
Starting at NOK 5,000.
Realised NOK 31,000.

Lot # 2316/77: 4 av merkene fra en samling China. Utrop kr 40.000,-. Tilslag kr 80.000,-.

frimerke fra Nepal
Nepal. From a Specialized collection in 3 albums, and a fotoalbum. Multples, sheets, letters etc.
Starting at NOK 25,000.
Realised NOK 43,000.

erik olafsen
If you are coming by car,
it is most often relatively easy to park. Very convenient, if you are bringing voluminous collections.

Last update: October 5. 2022           Kjell Germeten A/S.