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Our International Stamp auction took place on December 3. and 4. 2010 in the SAS-hotel in Oslo.

Stamp auction catalogue # 79You are welcome to
download the auction catalogue!

List of prices realised!



Registered cover from Germany to Tsingtau in 1922 with
a very rare cancellation from the Japanese receiving office.

SG 403. The 1 £  1913. Superb unmounted mint.

3 items from a collection Germany. Lot # 7181. Starting at NOK 5,000.


From a collection France to 1930, lot # 7163, starting at NOK 10,000.

     2 kr mynt korslagte geværer2 kr mynt korslagte geværer

  posthornfrimerke med skipsannullering NOR
2 stamps with steamship cancellation "NOR".

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Skillingsbrev til Italia


From a collection 27 German States
on  a stockcard. Starting at NOK 2,500.

From a collection Germany # 7287
starting at NOK 5,000.

3 items from the collection Sweden
lot # 7284 starting at NOK 4,000.

håndannullert posthornfrimerke



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