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The auction catalogues
on the Internet.

This page is obsolete and
will no longer be updated.

Please visit the udated page!

auksjonskatalog frimerker og mynter
Auksjon #86, November 28./29. 2014.
The entire catalogue (75 MB).
Postcards (14 MB)
Coins & banknotes (10 MB).

List of prices realised.

Previous sales:
auksjonskatalaog mynter, sedler, frimerker, postkort
The auction catalogue!
List of prices realised!

International auction # 84 in Oslo on December 6. and 7. 2013.
List of prices realised.

The auction catalogue is available for downloading:

The complete auction catalogue.
Pages 1 thru 218. 47 MB.
Postcards, pages 7-38, 20 MB.
Coins & Banknotes, pages 39-65,
15 MB.
Countries abroad, pages 152-205,
11 MB.
Collections & lots, pages 206-218,

Visit our gallery, featuring a majority of the lots in enlarged images!

International auction # 83 in Oslo on November 30. and December 1. 2012.


The auction catalogue is available for downloading:

The complete catalogue (Pages 1-200) 57 MB.

Postcards (pages 7-51) 16 MB.

Coins & Banknotes (pages 52-74) 6 MB.

Philately (Pages 75-200) 36 MB.

Please visit our gallery featuring enlarged images of the items in the catalogue + some extras!

You are welcome to submit your bids by sending an email. Don't forget to include your complete Postal address!

Catalogues from previous auctions. You will find several at the bottom of this page.

Downloading / viewing pdf-files.
The easy way of finding lots in the catalogue.

The Internet version of a catalogue is rather big.
If you have a fast Internet connection it's no big deal. Otherwise you should pay some attention to the
information given in the column at the right hand side.

Using bookmarks to navigate directly to your collecting favorites!

You will find the bookmark symbol on the upper left hand corner of you pdf-reader.
We have bookmarked the major sections in the catalogues.

By using the search function you can navigate to any part of the catalogue containing the phrase you have typed in the upper right hand corner in your pdf-reader.

The catalogues from previous auctions:

International Auction # 82

in Oslo on Friday April 20. and
Saturday April 21. 2012.

stamp auction catalogue
The complete auction catalogue.
176 pages. 33 MB.
Postcards (pages 7-42) 7 MB
Coins&Banknotes (pages 43-58) 3 MB
Philately (pages 59-176) 22 MB

Image enlargements are available,
divided in the following sections:
Pre stamp period
Norway # 1
Skilling Oscar
Øre issues
The issues 1893-2011
Postal due
Postal stationeries
WW2 / airmails
Polar philately
Accidents / miscellaneous
Renown persons handwritings

The Nordic countries
Countries overseas

Norway. Collections / lots

International Auction # 81,
in Oslo on Friday December 2.
and Saturday December 3. 2011.
The complete auction catalogue.
216 pages. (87 MB).

Postcards. Pages 7-45. (13 MB).
Enlarged images of the items.

Coins and baknotes. Pages 46-68.
(5 MB).
Enlarged images of the items.

Philately. The catalogue with postcards and coins not included. Pages 69-216. (68 MB).

This part of the catalogue features
enlarged images split in the following sections (named according to the headings in the catalogue):

Ufrankerte brev
Norge nr 1
Skilling Oscar
Utgavene 1893-2011
Porto- og returmerker


Norge. Samlinger og lotter

International stamp auctions in Oslo

International Auction # 80
in Oslo on Friday April 15.
and Saturday April 16. 2011.

The complete auction catalogue.
196 pages. (62 MB).

Postcards. Page 7-34. (10 MB).

Coins and banknotes. Page 35-47. (3,5 MB).

International Stamp Auction # 79, Saturday December 4. 2010: The complete auction catalogue. 200 pages. (65 MB).

Postcards. Page 7-30. (10 MB).

Coins and banknotes. Page 31-40. (3 MB).

You are welcome to submit your bids by sending an email. Don't forget to include your complete Postal address!

International auction # 78
on April 23.- and 24. 2010. 

The complete catalogue. Pages 1 through 164.  (52 MB).

Postcards. Pages 7 through 21. (5 MB).

Coins / banknotes. Pages 22 through 31. (3MB).

International auction # 77
on November 20.- and 21. 2009. 

The complete catalogue. Pages 1 through 184.  (42 MB).
Postcards. Pages 7 through 35. (12 MB).
Coins / banknotes. Pages 36 through 38. (1MB).

International auction # 76
on April 24.- and 25. 2009. 

The complete catalogue. Pages 1 through 180.  (40 MB).

International auction # 75
on November 28.- and 29. 2008. 

The complete catalogue. Pages 1 through 184.  (49 MB).

International auction # 74

on April 18.- and 19. 2008

The pages 7 through 146, all lots except Postcards 
(28 MB).
The pages 147 through 166. Postcards. (4,3 MB).

About the auction catalogues
in pdf-versions.

Auction # 77.

Auction # 75.

Auction # 75.

The pages are identical to those in the hardcopy versions of our catalogues. The format is pdf - the Adobe format - which has grown to a world wide standard for documents. In order to read the files, you must have the program Adobe Reader implemented on your PC or Mac. If you not yet have it, just click on the Adobe logo below and download it. You find the link at the bottom on
the Adobe page, named: 
"Get Adobe Reader"
It's for free. Good luck!

adobe logo

We will recommend you to download the files instead of opening them in your Internet browser. Right click on the file and select "save" and "save target as" (do not select "open"). Browse your hard disk to select a suitable place to save it. Afterwards you can study the catalogue nice and easy even after having closed your Internet connection.

The pdf-files features a lot of advantages. You can for instance search for special words and names, or using bookmarks to directly access a preferred section, to mention some. Being a specialized collector is proving more easy!

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